We dream of creating a community of individuals who embrace their authentic selves without harming others. We are big on all matters of the heart. We offer a comprehensive and playful approach to reflective exercises, tools, and routines. Eventually, we will also organize gatherings. Integration plays a significant role in our mission because:
Too fast, too much; it rarely works. Our offer to you is to take what works for you and come back for more whenever you are ready.  


Trust your gut, follow your heart, and befriend your mind for a more authentic way of living. We are not just another label but a movement for deep inquiry, compassion, and present-moment living. We don't have it all figured out; in fact it  is a wild ride to trust and listen fully to our own inner guidance.

Our mission is to create a community of individuals who embrace their authentic selves without causing harm to others.


Karin, aka Karlotta, is a passionate creator, connector, and teacher. It's impossible to put her in a box. Conviction drives her, and passion supports her. Guts makes her overcome her most profound doubts and fears.


Marco is a dreamer; a special kind of power forms his vision and lust for life. Throwing himself into uncharted territory with confidence and ease makes him never shy of learning and evolving through new adventures. Marco believes life should be an entertaining book with many different chapters, experiences, and adventures.


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