Input over dogma

Sometimes, all you need is a moment, a safe space, a new way of looking, an input, somebody to champion or hold you to be ready to take your next step.
And sometimes, all you need is a deep breath. Take it!

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a profound system of healing and awakening. Learn more about this powerful practice and its benefits.


Gut Brain Axis

Learn more about the Gut-Brain-Axis and how your habits influence your well-being. Understand how more presence can bring you more joy.


FREE Wallpaper Collection

FREE Wallpaper collection for your computer or phone as a daily tool to remember your magic!


A practice to create balance for your heart and mind.

This is a quick and easy guided practice intended to help you feel at ease when things are a bit all over the place. Give it a try!

Double the trouble

Gut Feeling Society started as an idea on a cold February night in 2021. We wondered, what happens if we trust our gut more, listen to our hearts more closely, and befriend our minds? Since then, we have used our inner faculties more carefully to make our next move rather than being pushed and pulled by the external world. Is it always easy? No - but worth it!