Yoga Nidra

Why do we need sleep? And what is happening while we sleep? Why do we sometimes feel like we partied all night after sleeping 12 hours, and other times feel super fresh after only 5 hours of sleep? What determines good quality sleep? Read on to learn more.

Yoga Nidra is like resting on a cloud of awareness.

Simply put, Yoga Nidra provides a technique for accessing a deep rest state. A state that is rejuvenating, nourishing, restorative, and healing. It refers to yogic sleep but is not an actual invitation to sleep. Instead, it is about accessing a more profound state of awareness.
An important distinction is that rest and sleep are not the same thing.
Yoga Nidra refers to the state between dreaming and being fully aware.
There are different cycles when you sleep. Good quality sleep occurs after every cycle of deep dreaming. During the delta state, you get maximum benefits. Physical healing and recovery happen in the so-called delta state.
At night, you get 10-20 of each three minutes of delta state. (so 30-60min). Different lifestyle factors undoubtedly influence the amount of delta states and the quality of your sleep. The technique of Yoga Nidra offers a way to accumulate more healing in less time, meaning more delta state access in less time.
It provides a way for the subconscious to recalibrate and heal tension on all levels.

•          Physical

•          Emotional

•          Mental

There are different schools of Yoga Nidra. The one you are about to experience is a basic, yet very effective Para Yoga Nidra version, where you circle a point of light through 61 points of your body.

Let's practice: 

Yoga Nidra Audio English
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